The Naked Truth Gospel is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization which promotes healthy thinking and lifestyles. We empower and equip people with practical tools through workshops, discussions, multimedia shows and other events to live a fulfilled and purposeful life. The Naked Truth Gospel reflects the Christian values and principles found in the Holy Bible.

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Compassion:  We reach out to others.
Respect:  We promote the dignity of all persons.
Excellence:  We strive to be the best at what we do and a role model for others.
Integrity:  We are honest, trustworthy, and accountable.
Relevance:  We are committed to the pursuit of innovation and effectiveness.
Co-operation:  We encourage and foster teamwork and partnerships.
Celebration:  We give thanks by marking milestones and successes.

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In our fast-paced, digitally fueled lifestyle, periodic withdrawals for relaxation, reflection, and life planning have become necessary for managing one’s life. The 2017 Truth Conference offers attendees the opportunity to withdraw briefly from their treadmill lives and explore practical knowledge and tools for achieving their Plan A lives as session presenters expose attendees to various guiding principles for successful living.

Truth Conference provides a getaway weekend for attendees to recalibrate their personal GPS (Guiding Principles for Success) and to navigate towards fulfilling lives of their choice, in other words, their Plan A lives.

Recalibrate your personal GPS

Guiding Principles for Success.
TRUTH CONFERENCE, Your Premier Wellness Weekend Getaway

Cheryl ann Philip - Truth Conference founder


Entrepreneur at heart with a Bachelor of Science, and a background in event planning, sales support and administration, Cheryl-ann endeavors to align her creativity and organizational skills in every situation. Always excited at the opportunity to collaborate, Cheryl-ann has been integral in the organization of various projects.

As a work from home professional, life is best described as a blessed, eclectic mix of family, friends, train rides, spider solitaire and international travel.

Nadine Miller - Truth Conference founder


Believing that everyone has more creativity inside than they admit, Nadine Miller has a passion for helping others release what may lay dormant inside. Opening oneself to thinking, listening and seeing more creatively makes you a more interesting person and a magnet for attracting success in your life. Nadine is a television and stage director and producer, playwright and designer. She resides north of Toronto.